A Military History of Sovereign Hawaii

© 2004 Neil Bernard Dukas

ISBN 1-56647-636-4

Library of Congress No. 2004101859

Publisher:  Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, Hawai‘i

Paperbound, 232 pages, 84 illustrations


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A Must For Any Military Or World History Collection!

Up to the close of the 19th century Hawai‘i was a sovereign independent country. A Military History of Sovereign Hawaii provides an overview of Hawaiian military history, beginning with the classical period (roughly the mid-17th to late 18th centuries) and progressing through the political turmoil of the 19th century to the climactic annexation of the islands by the United States of America in 1898.

The book is written in two parts. The first focuses on the classical Hawaiian warrior, or koa. The second part presents the post-classical warriors of Hawai‘i, the uniformed armed forces of the kingdom. This ground-breaking work, full of previously unpublished photographs, is the first effort of its kind to examine the transition from Kamehameha's military forces to that of the monarchy.

It is the logical starting-point for anyone interested in the subject of Hawaiian military history or simply intrigued by this extraordinary slice of world history. Topics covered include Hawai‘i's warrior roots, religious and cultural influences, weapons; martial arts (lua), tactics, domestic and foreign challenges. Supporting material includes a detailed glossary of Hawaiian military terms as well as new material on Hawai‘i's commanders-in-chief and the military regiments of the Hawaiian kingdom.

Appealing equally to those who crave historic detail and those who insist upon a compelling narrative, this volume is an absorbing account of the precarious historical relationship between armed force and independence in Hawai‘i.

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